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Mason and Associates Insurance service, becasue it is name implies, offers a particular kind of service which works with Health Insurance. They are the people whom individuals can approach, especially employers who require to find a group policy for their workers. Assisting companies for business medical health insurance is among their expertise wherein they have products from existing providers of their group and contacts. China is still at the primary stage of socialist market economy, due to the development of social productivity development level and the market trend, the status of the economic system reform and the general residents income and other factors, China's enterprise management concept is still in the coexistence of diverse ideas mainly selling concept, phase. In 2003, Microsoft announced that it would not continue to develop the Internet explorer for Mac for the Macintosh. Support for the Macintosh Internet explorer ended in 2005 and was stopped in 2006 The social responsibility to constantly improve the social life level requires enterprises to strive to meet consumers' needs more. That said, it is not enough to simply sell to consumers what they currently intend to buy. There is a widespread "latent demand" that consumers do not want to buy goods in the short term for some reason. For example, consumers who are dissatisfied with the quality of certain goods in the 21st century market may not purchase such goods even if they need to. As for the relatively high prices in the 21st century market, people think that more consumption is a luxury of non-essential necessities, and consumers may not buy, or buy less, even if they need to. Some consumers save a portion of their money because of some kind of worry, and do not use it for 21st century living expenses, which will form "latent demand". Other consumers have a certain income source, but because of the limited amount of money in hand, they can't buy the goods they need, and they also form "latent demand". Of course, there are still quite a few customers who can't buy the goods they need, thus creating "latent demand". The objective existence of latent demand is determined by the universality and expansibility of consumer life. The potential demand is essentially unmet customer demand, which represents the deficiency in improving people's living standard and the "new world" in the open market of enterprises.