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Times have definitely altered to feature any promotional means. Currently, mascot costumes are extensively accustomed to advertise numerous brands and their goods. These outfits are used as promotional strategies to a number of events such as gigs, opening of the latest shops among other venues. There are firms which target causing them to be with the goal of promoting a trade name or its goods. Two, the grain is thick A group of partridges sleep in a circle and head out into the air. This way, no matter where the enemy comes from, you can find it. To study the marketing function, the experience is to start from the sale of goods. American marketing association definition committee in 1960 had published such a definition: "marketing is guide the goods or services from producer to consumer or the user of a business activity." This definition does not recognize marketing as sales, but believes that marketing includes sales and improvement and improvement of the sales process. Many scholars believe that this definition is too narrow to fully demonstrate the function of marketing. However, whether it is appropriate or not, this definition clearly reveals the relationship between marketing and merchandise sales.