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reflect the historical changes. The operational database is mainly concerned with the data in a certain period of time. The data in the data warehouse usually contains historical information. The system records the data from some point in the past (such as when the data warehouse is started to be applied) to all the current stages Information, through this information, you can make a quantitative analysis and forecast of the development process and future trends of the enterprise. Today, known across the world, Corinda has become acclaimed as inventor, writer, and teacher of Mentalism - ale mind-reading. While on tour in America, his friends persuaded him to write the sunday paper and with the support of virtually any professional Mentalist on the planet, Corinda got down to compile The Thirteen Steps to Mentalism. The film's genius love as the label of the secular hero is obviously more romantic and compassionate. Despite the film to extract human body aroma when those oil, drain, stripping technology such as action is delicate and rich aesthetic emotion rendering and expand, the other two are obvious in the film, the modified prompted director of Hollywood adaptation of the tendencies. The first was the cause of the death of the red hair girl in malai street. Renault also kill the first girl in the novel is completely calm grab for the inner side of greedy, brutal instinct, he want is a girl of smell itself, rather than a girl, so just crazy after the murder smelling fragrance every inch of her body, but not much as the victim's face; And in the film, the plot is converted to a manslaughter, asing if is a to pick on the unfortunate fate of people in an accident blocking the possibility of love and be loved, and his close contact of the victim's face and it seemed to her body fragrant aftertaste of some mysterious emotional memory and copying process. The second point corresponding to this is the scene of torture. The previous episodes were almost the same, starting with the fact that nearly 10,000 people in the field had seen the purity and innocence of the man in grenouille almost instantaneously, and determined that he could never have been a murderer. The executioner then feared that he could not lift the righteous rod; Then all the hearts of the people in the hearts of the unrestrained love of grenoyer, in his eyes, groans happily, convulsively, sobbing excitedly; In the end, the emotion rose to an infinite ecstasy and bewilderment. He became an angel and became the "most charming and perfect person" imaginable. He became "the nuns flesh the savior, the Lord of darkness satanist, the great master of civilized man, prince charming girls, and the men of perfect project", even with hatred in heath originally, also forgot his pain, beg his pardon. When the piece with the perfume of silk scarves in the wind to the crowd, all the people present just like in the spell to start their own program "lust", carnival, kissing up and agglutination. Here, wake successfully using images of pornographic nature in us for a pair of rare, the intricacies of sensual feast at the same time, realize the poly, kinder to the so-called rational moral cruel digestion as well as for the "love" of sensual persona, because if the fragrance can continue, they will be in the sun under continuous climax until death. The next scene, however, is not for the joy of Renault also dark and expansion of the control of continuous performance, he faces stare at him, feeling him, for him, worship him, love his crazy people didn't show in the novel that is filled with "thoroughly all the winning feeling and contempt for" cold smile, he seemed to slam the door all the stubborn and hatred, a person get drunk in public in the fragrant, clothe the worship of heaven, in a lonely and sad eyes staring at the distance, with a painful and heartbreaking to think. At this moment, the girl who cuts the yellow mira li rises again, and in a happy dream color with her tenderly intertwining, but grenouille eventually shed the sacred and fiery tears. Apparently, she wake changes give power to the movie more strong emotions, with Hollywood tragically heroic melancholy and deep story sculpture as a lonely bad smell genius because miss encompass the accidental tragedy, and continue to belong to own way dreams of love and be loved is worldly myth. The film also presents a modern business attribute of legend, suspense, love, alternative, edge and mystery.