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As uniquely across two continents in the world of international metropolis, Istanbul, advantageous geographical location, make its become not only the intercontinental transport hub, but also in the history of the mohican. History, Istanbul has been called for Byzantine, Constantinople, rulers of culture, language, and religion to eclectic Europe, Asia, across the city really the essence of all national thought, culture, art, and become an important intersection of eastern and western culture, then left many ancient places of historic interest. Besides, in those times the opportunities which existed for architects were few in number in Mumbai. Today the opportunities which might be present is much more. The reason for this really is primarily due to property boom which has taken place. That was some time when the amount of real estate developers were limited to 4 - 5 big ones. Whereas today, probably a few countble amount of about 20 – 25 such big developers throughout the city and then innumerable small, and medium size developers across cities, not merely Mumbai and also across satellite towns like Navi Mumbai and Thane too.