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"In all practices of the Seventy-two Arts in the beginning the essential theory is studied and only then workouts are done. At first those that practice the arts train the softness of the sinews and bones and then try to make agile all of their joints and articulations. Then they set into motion the principle breath ZONG LI, strengthen the inner organs FU, improve blood state, consolidate body strength, control the cinnabar field while keeping your focus energy inside, overcome their desires as well as. The strength spreads about the four extremities as well as the hundred joints and articulations, now a fighter is at command of unlimited power and that he can move off a thousand jins. Your arm weighing only ten jins can move one thing weighing 10000 jins with a stroke. Your arms can be a head, your legs are a tail. Everything is permeated using a single movement, the body moves being a dragon. Teachers said: “Shaolin exercises develop forces of the whole human organism, all joints and bones; you might be effective at striking wonderful aspects of the body. " There is yet another saying: “The fist could be the supply of all arts and the leg could be the base, the basis of the fist. " Ordinary practice of pugilism consists of 70 percent of leg training and thirty percent of fist training. If you acquire pugilism, you can use eighteen kinds of weapon. If you head for all ruses of pugilism, you'll be able to fight ten thousand fighters. " /Secret Shaolin Treatises about the Pugilistic Art/ Cristiano Ronaldo is recognized as one of the best and a lot attractive soccer players around the globe. The Portuguese man is always the center of media and cheered up by countless fans. Besides, he makes great achievements in modeling field such as being a fashion icon and signing advertisement contract with many famous underwear brands thanks to his perfect body and handsome face. One of the most critical factors that create his fame is different hairstyles. Sometimes, he keeps his hair short and curly and quite often he has layered cut. City is a combination of "city" and "city." The city is mainly used for defensive and fenced areas. "Pipe and Earth," said "there is a city, which is wide." "City" refers to the transaction location, "China is the city," are the city's most primitive form, strictly speaking, not a city, a region must With the quality of normality. The fully redesigned 2013 Honda Accord returns up from the family-sedan class having a quantity of new specifications. Apart from a roomy and high-quality interior, the car's styling is visibly less bulky. Besides, Honda adds power- and efficiency-enhancing direct-injection technology for the Accord's standard 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. With this four-cylinder, performance is markedly improved. What's more, each car also incorporates antilock disc brakes, active front head restraints, stability and traction control, front seat side airbags and side curtain airbags.