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The unique bottle is also adorned by a range of eye-catching, hand designed labels. Each label is divided into three distinct parts: The first, an ordered pattern to represent ‘method', the middle panel showcases the logo and the third, a marbling pattern created to represent ‘madness’. The term "pedicure" comes from the Latin words "pedis" this means foot, and "cura" this means nurture, treatment, or care. Apart from the obvious cosmetic standby time with the treatment, pedicure also offers many health benefits. Proper care of the feet can prevent nail disorders and diseases. It can also help out with helping the posture of your individual. And of course, it can offer much needed relaxation to tired feet as a foot massage. All of these benefits happen to be recognized since ancient times. In fact, pedicure carries a long history that extends back several thousand years. Due to the vitamin is human body essential nutrients, plays an important physiological function, therefore, some people think that vitamin to eat, the better, this approach not only wrong, and dangerous!!!! Can be divided into water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble, fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin D intake too much, can't again urine excreted out directly, easy accumulation in the body, cause poisoning. If A large amount of oral vitamin A can be taken, the symptoms can be caused by bone decalcification, joint pain, dry skin, loss of appetite, and enlargement of the liver and spleen. Long - term oral vitamin D can cause hypercalcemia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diffuse muscle weakness, muscle pain, etc. As for water-soluble vitamins, many of them can be discharged from urine and are less toxic, but heavy doses can still damage human organs. If you take a large dose of vitamin C, it may stimulate the gastric mucosal bleeding. In addition, long-term overdose of vitamin, can make the body to the vitamin of food to reduce the absorption rate, once stop, can cause the symptom of vitamin deficiency. Therefore, long-term overdose of vitamins is not scientific. The dose that normal person takes, should accompany the vitamin in the food, reach the quantity that our country dietary standard formulates. Metaphors can alter the meaning you associate to anything, change everything you link pain and pleasure to and transform your life as effectively as caterpillar transform to Butterfly. Become a metaphor detective. Whenever we hear someone by using a metaphor that places limits, just step in and break their pattern through providing an alternative one. Do this with others and undertake it for you too. Reduce redundancy of data. Compared with the file system, the data sharing is realized by the database, thus avoiding the user's own application files. A large number of redundant data is reduced, data redundancy is reduced, and data consistency is maintained.