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The ideal intake of fiber is not less than 35 grams per day. If food is chosen properly, it is easy to meet this standard without additional supplementation. JOhn Dickerson, a nutritionist at surrey university, stressed that adding metz to a nutrient-poor diet would be a health hazard. The reason is that the wheat drum contains a large amount of inositol hexaphosphoric acid, an anti-nutrient substance that reduces the body's absorption of various minerals, including zinc. In short, the best or fiber from lots of different food sources, these food sources including oats, lentils, beans, seeds, fruit and raw or cooked vegetables. Most of the fiber in vegetables is destroyed during cooking, so it's best to eat them. In 1924, the first women's small-bore rifle competition was held in France. In 1929, Sweden held the world championship of small caliber rifle, in which two positions were adopted. In 1930, he changed to lie, kneel, and erect three positions. The Olympic events are: Founded in 2006, Fenster is one of the West Country’s leading aluminium suppliers. In addition to offering the full range of products from Smarts, the company also manufactures Üni_Slide, an ultra-slim aluminium sliding door, equally suited to commercial and residential applications. Times have definitely altered to incorporate any promotional means. Currently, mascot costumes are extensively accustomed to advertise numerous brands in addition to their goods. These outfits are utilized as promotional means of various events for example gigs, opening of recent shops among other venues. There are firms which focus on driving them to with all the goal of promoting a trade name or its goods. Many years gold, silver and platinum are in favor. Among gemstones it is worth to noting amethyst, coral, rock crystal, turquoise, amber, agate and pearls.As for the shapes and sizes, we recommend you to pay attention to the massive items with large stones, made in oriental style. Equally popular are floral and geometric motifs, and ornaments with snakes.Bracelets with unusual design should be wide and have a clear form. To give them the extra volume, designers use inserts of textiles. This season's fashionable to wear multiple bracelets, and they may not necessary be in the same style.In 2013 fashion are necklace with enamel or large gems, tight to the neck. Snake year dictates its terms, and therefore carry chains in several rows.However, don't go out of fashion, and small delicate products - hair clips, pendants, rings and earrings.Among the novelties of this fashion season are elegant Kafa gold interspersed with gems that can adorn not only ears, but the entire hair. It should be noted that they are fastened by means of clamps, so don't stretch the earlobe. The best jewelry will be a big brooch, it will fits best on the chest, waist and back.But before you go to the store, you have something to remember: for example, to women with a long neck and smooth hair will fit earrings-pendants, but to girls with "extra pounds" will be better to pay attention to big earrings, buttons.If you have long, thin fingers, pick up the rings with a stone buy gemstone rings of medium size. Fancy rings with large stones must be worn on the middle or index finger, and thin rings- on the ring finger. In any case ,wear on every finger only one ring.Above the wrist, are generally worn wide bracelets with stones, but Thin simple bracelets just leave on the hand.Pendants are suitable for open and closed neckline, while necklaces include the obligatory presence of a deep cut.