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The idea of production is a concept of what we produce and what consumers consume. Therefore, in addition to shortages of materials and products, some enterprises are subject to product concepts under the conditions of high product costs. Henry Ford, for example, had been fully committed to the mass production of cars in the early part of this century, trying to cut costs and make it affordable for consumers to increase the market share of ford cars. It has to be asserted essentially the most current intelligent lights might develop amazing effects, though the tribute with this should be presented to the one that is programming the entire show, not the devices themselves. That's why, intelligent lighting systems are frequently termed programmed lights, moving head lights or moving heads spots. Your Name: The modern instrument gymnastics was founded in Germany, and he was called "the father of German national gymnastics" and in 1812 he created the horizontal bars, parallel bars and wooden horses. Modern athletics gymnastics as a whole is made up of the abroad, but some of these projects is inherent in our country, especially the skill artists created by practise acrobatic moves and rich experience, have become precious wealth of modern athletics gymnastics training. Therefore, as a kind of movement way to exert the potential of the body, the technique of technique has added new contents to the ancient Chinese sports, and also laid a solid foundation for the development of modern sports.