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This definition can be applied to all areas of design, although the focus of different areas from the form, content and behavior are different. It is inevitable for professionals currently have to do some field work or travel. While it is necessary for engineers and architects being about the field most of the time, this could also hamper some of their work. That is why it is required for them to use a mobile workstation that can assist them continue working and ultizing their CAD applications whilst they're from the office. Nursery school can be an institution through which kids get the compulsory or basic education. Children generally attend this school around the chronilogical age of 4 to 5. The teacher from the Pre- School is responsible for the intellectual, physical and social growth from the child. It’s also the fact that children education is incomplete devoid of the participation in the parents. It is additionally the responsibility from the parents to show and abide by the rules and regulations with the schools. They should also look at the school on a regular basis so they really be able to have interaction while using teachers and also the other children in the class. The school is also responsible to supply appropriate food choices for a child and guide them the eating routine.